WWCC's Contributions to Distributed Development

The WWCC Weekly Calendar
Customizable Interface!
Customizable Interface!
Searchable Events!
Searchable Events!
Multiple Users!
Multiple Users and Organizations!
System Requirements: World Wide Web Server (IIS, Apache, etc.)
Cold Fusion Server (Standard or Enterprise)
ODBC Database connectivity
An ODBC compatible Database (MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, etc)

Technical Documentation: CLICK HERE
(MS Word 2000 Document, 87K)

End User Documentation: CLICK HERE
(MS Word 2000 Document, 1046K)

Online Demo: CLICK HERE to see the end-user interface.

CLICK HERE to log in to the admin interface.
(User: "admin", Pass: "demo", Org: "DEMO")

This version of the WWCC Weekly Calendar is running on a Windows 2000 Adv. Server box with IIS 5, Cold Fusion Server Professional, and a SQL Server 2000 Database.

The calendar interface can be easily customized to fit the actual look and feel of your own particular institution.


Current Version: 1.3
Multi-Institution Compatible.

Want to use a MS Access Database instead of a SQL Server database?
THIS DOCUMENT covers the code changes needed to make this work.

Special thanks to:
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Technical questions can be addressed to jordan.michaels@wwcc.edu